What did one muffin say to the other muffin in the oven?
"Boy it's hot in here"
What did the other muffin say back?
"Holy Shit! A Talking Muffin!!!"

Thursday, April 01, 2004

George Bush, Making the Right Decisions for America 

Right so then lets get to the big news. Dr. Rice is indeed testifing before the 9/11 commission but the commission chairs had to sell their sould to get her under oath. In return the Bush Administration gets a free pass for when Rice says something that will leave us all wondering and Cheney gets to baby sit Bush's testimony before the commission.

I think what upset me most of this whole deal is how Bush tried to come off compassionate about how this is a special circumstance and this is why Rice is testifying, because 9/11 had is that special. Yeah thats why she should have testified 6 months ago. You can't stonewall the commission and then all of a sudden act like you are righteous in your decisions. I am sorry you do not pass nor collect your 200 dollars. Read It

Yesterday in Iraq we say a horrendously vicious day and witnessed the savagry of these insurgents. But as I watched the pictures of chared US civilians being hung from a bridge I was distrubed by the US reasoning its insurgents. etc. etc. etc. I mean this whole time everything has been attributed to Sadaam Loyalist but has anyone bothered polling the people that are attack the US and finding out what percentage supported Sadaam before his removal? I think that these claims being made by Bremmer need to be substantiated.

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